Wonder Thera Putty

How Wonder Putty helps in Hand Exercise

Wonder Thera Putty is primarily used in physiotherapy to strengthen the fingers, hands, and wrists. Moreover, wonder putty enhances functional hand range of motion, improves fine motor abilities, reduces tension, and increases blood flow for healing. It comes in various hues corresponding to different resistance levels (typically extra soft, soft, medium, and firm). Generally speaking, you will begin with a color of lesser strength and advance progressively as your palm strength increases. 

What's the Composition of Wonder Putty?

The majority of wonder thera putty is comprised of odorless, non-toxic silicone. Because of this, practically everyone can use it safely. Also, the silicone in this product keeps it from becoming gritty or losing its natural suppleness over time. Always read the label before purchasing if you have skin allergies; though most alternatives are already latex-free, certain exercise putty products still contain latex. 


What is the Duration of it?

Exercise putty duration may range from 3 minutes to 15 minutes for sensory regulations & sensory integration movements.


Is There a Smell to Wonder Putty?

Our tactile sensory tools is odorless. Smells come due to adulteration during continuous use.


How Can Wonder Putty Help You?

Our this wonder putty occupational therapy toys helps in severe hand, wrist, or finger injury, such as a fracture or sprain of a joint or a muscle (once healed and cleared by your doctor).

  • Helps to recover from weak grip capacity
  • Fine motors improvements
  • Better writing and griping of the pen.
  • Stroke
  • Chronic hand pain brought on by prior traumas
  • Wrist or hand arthritis (osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Any nerve damage, including carpal tunnel syndrome
  • After hand or wrist surgery, recovery
  • General wrist or hand ache
  • Limited range of motion of the wrist or fingers
  • Weakness or stiffness in the wrist or fingers
  • Decline in agility
  • Hand circulatory problems
  • Worry or tension
  • ADHD; difficulty focusing or the desire to move around continually


Therapeutic Exercises Direction with Wonder Putty  

Wonder Thera Putty


  1. Rolling a ball (like Gulab Jamun)
  2. Making a Disc (like Pancake)
  3. Making a Cylinder (Sausage)
  4. Volcano 
  5. Soup Bowl
  6. Cone
  7. Finger Spread
  8. Full Grip
  9. Fingers Only
  10. Squeeze
  11. Thumb Press
  12. Finger Dig
  13. Finger Scissors
  14. Thumb Extension
  15. Wrist Rotation
  16. Finger Extensions
  17. Wrist Extension
  18. Rainbow
  19. Side Pinching
  20. Stretch
  21. Pinching
  22. Finger Press
  23. Doughnut Stretch
  24. Mini Doughnut Stretch
  25. Finger Stretch
  26. Mini Finger Stretch
  27. All Finger Stretch
  28. Twist
  29. Make Your Name
  30. Hide and Seek

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