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  • -Sulochna, Special Mother

    I have been looking for Autism tools made up of good material for a long time. Then I bumped with SpeechGears on social media and glanced at their therapeutic tools, and there I found the perfect tools for my autistic son. All the tools are made with rich material, and it didn’t harm my little one in either way. I highly recommend the SpeechGears products to every autistic parent and adult. It’s not just about the quality, but they are very effective when you start using them for a long time.

  • -Shikha, Special Mother

    My four-year-old child has autism spectrum disorder. He has a strong urge to chew, and your Sensory-Bite is wonderful for satisfying him enough. Sensory Bite helps him calm down when he is agitated or confused about what to do with himself. The tool is incredibly successful when it comes to relaxing and refocusing any child who has a strong desire to chew on objects for various reasons. SpeechGears has been doing an amazing job in all the therapeutic tools. Highly recommended for every child.

  • -Lucky's Mother

    For oral stimulation during his therapy sessions, my son Anant uses a V-Pen in conjunction with a Uni-Tip to assist him with mouth stimulation. In particular, he enjoys Uni-Tip while feeling the vibrations in his mouth, which is especially pleasing when he is experiencing teething discomfort. There is no doubt that Anant’s treatment regimens have been improved due to the use of therapeutic tools manufactured by SpeechGears at such an affordable price.

  • - Deepak Rawat

    I cannot thank SpeechGears for creating Tongue-Steer! My son was dealing with issues in lateralization and elevation of the tongue, and since the time he has started using Tongue-Steer, we can see a change in the movements of his tongue. The power your therapeutic tools has for children like my son Aarav is beyond words. Highly recommended!

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  • Problems related to Autism

    Our Mission

    Aiming to meet the needs of autistic lives and their families, SpeechGears is committed to providing the best solutions to treat specially-abled children. This would be accomplished through advocacy and support, greater understanding, and acceptance of people with Autism.


  • Too provide the best tools and a perfect ecosystem at an affordable price.

    Our Vision

    SpeechGears’ vision is to become a one-stop solution for problems related to Autism and related illness. We aim to create a society
    where every person with Autism, regardless of age or ability, gender identity and sexual orientation, and socioeconomic level, may achieve their full potential and live a happy and satisfying life.

--------Why choose us--------

SpeechGears™ was founded to provide one-stop solutions to parents whose lives have been turned upside down due to a loved one or child being diagnosed with ASD. We were well aware of their anguish and pain at the time because they were utterly clueless about how to handle the situation. We knew it because we had been in a similar situation. We needed two to three years to grasp autism and the various treatment options thoroughly. Our purpose is to create an inclusive and barrier-free environment that empowers people with autism and their families and acts as a catalyst for change that allows people with autism to live as fully participating members of their communities.