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Sensory Bristle

Sensory Bristle

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BOBATH Approach is equally effective in Sensory Defensiveness & Sensory Integration in ASD, SPD, and ADHD. Sensory Defensiveness is the measure issue in SPD, ADHD & AUTISM.

The Bobath approach, also known as neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT), is a widely used concept in rehabilitating stroke patients with hemiparesis. It was also used in cerebral palsy. Sensory Defensiveness is a “flight or fight” response to a stimulus. Children with this condition overreact to sensory input and respond by showing negative emotions or behaviours. Sensory Defensiveness indicates a low neurological threshold–it takes very little for the brain to react to sensory information. For example, a child may be lightly touched while standing in line with peers and may respond by acting out aggressively.



Food Grade Material


102 mm × 66 mm × 60 mm

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