Speech Delay Vs. Autism

What SpeechGears Say About Autism Vs. Speech Delay

When a toddler hasn't reached the usual speaking milestones, there is a speech delay. Children develop at their own pace. It's only sometimes a sign of a significant issue when a chat is a bit late.  

Most children develop at their own rate, so it's never a big deal when your child needs to speak more quickly than other should. However, there are many reasons why your child might not be talking yet and you should keep her safe from speech problems by checking for signs of obstructive apraxia. Speech development milestones vary between children. It's common for a toddler to take longer than his peer group to talk, sing and walk. But this doesn't mean you should be worried. Speech delay is a term used to describe issues in speech development. This generally refers to the delay in a child's speaking ability compared to their peers. Many reasons could cause a delayed development in speech, such as a delay in hearing and in language development or an underlying medical or genetic condition. In some cases, delayed speech can be caused by simple immaturity. 


Indications of Speech Delay 

The earliest indication of a speech delay could be if a newborn isn't cooing or making other sounds at two months old. Most infants can speak simple words like "mama" or "dada" at the age of 18 months. Older toddlers who have speech delays include those who: 


  1. Age 2: fails to use 25 words or more
  2. Uses no unusual two-word expressions or noun-verb combinations as of age two and a half.
  3. Age 3: doesn't use at least 200 words, doesn't ask for items by name, and even when you live with them, they are challenging to comprehend.
  4. Unable to speak previously acquired words at any age.


What is Autism: 

Autism is a developmental disability that can cause a variety of social, communication and behavioral challenges. Many people with autism have problems with understanding others and communicating, as well as with unusual (or repetitive) interests and behavior. 


  • Find it challenging to interact and communicate with others
  • Find it difficult to comprehend the emotions or thoughts of others and see things like loud noises or bright lights to be distressing or uncomfortable
  • Worry or become agitated in social interactions and novel circumstances
  • Take longer to comprehend information or repeatedly do or think the same things


Diagnosis of Autism & Speech Delay 

SpeechGears is an online reputable online business in India that can deal with autism-related treatment; they are the leading manufacturer of therapeutics tools which become beneficial in the treatment of autism. We have wide variety of ranges to deal with autism & problems related to them. Some tools which are given below in brief: 


1. Speech Tools:

Speech tools are designed to deal with speech-related issues. To demonstrate tongue lateralization or up and down to demonstrate tongue elevation from side to side. It helps in Speech Development. SpeechGears speech kit are developed to provide jaw stability and facilitate tongue movements.


2. Tactile Tools:
A portion of an object is mounted on a hand-sized card that correlates to important lexical categories to create the tactile tool symbols (e.g. people, places, actions, things, etc.). For blind and visually impaired kids who also have other disabilities and don't have a formal literacy or communication system, the Tactile Tools kit helps teachers create a personalized tactile card system. Some of the essential components that support the creation and implementation of a system are provided in this kit.


3. Feeding Tools: 
An oral motor devices called feeding tools offers a tough and chewable surface for practising biting and chewing motions without actually eating anything. Oro-Tube are a secure and efficient instrument that both kids and adults can use to develop their biting and chewing abilities. Oro-Tubes are made to be used with "Oral Tactile Therapy," which gives oral sensory input and assistance while opening and closing the jaw to produce an action for speaking and eating while also enhancing the muscle's developed biting function.


4. Education Learning Tools: 
Children with special needs need help planning and arranging their chores. They begin hand flapping, swaying, making hmm sounds, hopping, or engaging in other unfavourable behaviours to deal with the tension brought on by a lack of planning. They do not benefit from this circumstance. If not treated, it eventually develops into behaviour. To make their day comfortable, all of their activities must be scheduled.


 Autism Vs. Speech Delay


Conclusion of Autism & Speech Delay

Please be aware that not all kids are receptive to these experiences. Some kids find loud noises, such as pressure cookers, temple bells, and even loud voices at home, to be extremely unsettling. Respect children's decisions and treat them with kindness. It's critical to acknowledge them and treat them with respect. This significantly contributes to boosting their self-esteem.


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