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Speech Teether

Speech Teether

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‘Teething’ is as important as the ‘first cry’ of the newborn. First Cry, Teething and Crawling are the most significant milestones towards child development.

Benefits of Teething-
1. Engages the child.
2. Activates the taste buds.
3. Activates the saliva gland.
4. Starts the brain functions.
5. Helps in hand-mouth coordination.
6. Cleans the orals and kills the germs.
7. Helps the gut issues and reduces drooling.
8. Calibrates the tongue, soft palates and hard palates’ sensitivity.
9. Triggers tooth development and soothes the child in irritation of budding teeth.
10. Strengthens the swallowing muscles and oral musculature, so it helps in dysphagia.

‘Every newborn deserves sufficient teething; it’s a sensory diet for them.’
Considering the importance of teething, SPEECHGEARS has developed SPEECH TEETHER for babies above one year. It is safe and soft. It doesn’t hurt the baby’s gum or disorient the baby’s oral musculature, even after hours of teething. SPEECH TEETHER has three arms of graded thickness and hardness, which helps baby to feel and understand their environment. They switch over to different arms and understand the varying hardness. SPEECH TEETHER is so designed that the baby can hold it properly. It is available in four colours: Yellow, Red, Green and Blue, whichever baby likes to have.




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