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Ultra Kids Flash Cards

Ultra Kids Flash Cards

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Flashcards are the best way to develop vocabulary in the child. New-generation kids are ultra kids, their visual memory is usually very strong. They can learn things through visual perception. It happens because they get more visual feeds nowadays than auditory, tactile, olfactory & gustatory. Children start speaking when their vocabularies overflow.


Flashcards are essential for kids and toddlers struggling with learning from books. It helps in the identification of nouns, verbs, adjectives & prepositions A child needs a flashcard to build the vocabulary, but flashcards should have no source of distraction, else kid may start taking visuals from the cards. Keeping in mind the learning concepts, SPEECHGEARS has designed perfect flashcards for today's kids who are ultra kids.


Food Grade Material


79 മി.മീ. × 2 മി.മീ. × 105 മി.മീ.

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