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Q. How to reach out to SpeechGears™

A. Please visit Contact Us page for finding list of communication channels and important informations.

Q. What is 'GREEN RIBBON' products?

A. 'GREEN RIBBON' proucts are coreline products, indigenously manufactured by SpeechGears™ and are absolutely safe even for chewing.

Q. What is 'INDIGO RIBBON' products?

A. 'INDIGO RIBBON' products are coreline products, indigenously manufactured by SpeechGears™. These products are non toxic and safe, still we don't recommend chewing of these products.

Q. How should I disinfect/clean my tools?

A. Proper and time to time cleaning of SpeechGears™ tools are highly recommended, specifically 'GREEN RIBBON' tools.

Note: You should first inspect the tools surfaces for breaks in integrity that would impair either cleaning
or disinfecting. You should discard any product that no longer functions as intended or cannot be
cleaned properly.
1. SOAK: place tool in a container of water with mild soap or disinfectant/detergent; this prevents
drying of materials and makes cleaning easier and efficient; soak for 10-15 minutes
2. SCRUB: Gently scrub tool removing all visible residues
3. RINSE: Rinse tool under running water until all residue is removed
4. DRY: Air dry in an open, well-ventilated area (ex., counter or table)

Q. Can I use other brand battery for V-Pen?

A. We only recommend to use V-Pen specialty battery.

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