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Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw Puzzle is amazingly good for enhancing visual discrimination and developing
both gross and fine motor skills. At SpeechGears, our Jigsaw Puzzle is designed with
varying levels of difficulty. This box contains puzzles with 4 pieces, 9 pieces, 16 pieces,
25 pieces, and 36 pieces along with a helpful frame, ensuring that children can begin
at a comfortable level rather than becoming frustrated and end up abandoning the
puzzle. All puzzles inside this box feature the same image across varying puzzle piece
counts which aids in familiarization and confidence-building. Furthermore, engaging
with Jigsaw Puzzle supports children in learning visual spatial relationships, which are
essential for understanding concepts involving directions (left, right, up and down) in
different orientations.

1. Visual Discrimination. 
2. Motor ability to pick and fix the cards.

Visual Perception is the brain’s innate ability to make sense of 'what the eyes see' and process visual information. Visual discrimination refers to the identification of similarities and differences between given shapes or objects. In children, it is the first perceptual skill to develop and therefore when in place, children can begin to match and sort objects by size, shape, color, position, number and details.

Jigsaw Puzzle assists in manifesting this skill. The kit also initiates the development of high-order perceptive skills like visual spatial relationships, visual closure and visual memory, which are paramount for a child to ideate and imagine.


Jigsaw Puzzle also comes in two variants - Level 1, containing five distinct puzzles with lower complexities, and Level 2, which features a singular puzzle spread across more pieces for added complexity.




170 ಮಿಮೀ × 170 ಮಿಮೀ × 40 ಮಿಮೀ

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