Sensory Integration Therapy Tools

Sensory Integration Therapy Tools helps with Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Integration Therapy (SIT) is a type of therapy that helps individuals with sensory processing disorder to improve their ability to process and respond to sensory information. SpeechGears special kit and equipment are used in SIT to provide sensory input and help individuals regulate their responses. Here are some examples of SIT tools:


  1. Therapy Balls: With the help of Wonder Putty, you can pull some amount of putty to make balls to do therapy make rolls of putty in various sizes and can be used to provide proprioceptive input, improve balance and coordination, and promote relaxation. 

  2. Talk-Tip: Talk-Tip elevation is the capacity to elevate the tip of the user's tongue to the alveolar ridge, the highest point on the tongue's surface. To make some speech sounds (t, d, n, l, s, and z), the tongue tip must be elevated, which is an oral motor ability. Which can help individuals with sensory processing disorder to feel more calm.

  3. Sensory Bite: Sensory-Bite aims to increase the jaw's muscle tone. It also calms users' irritations brought on by newly emerging teeth. Gums' tactile problems are improved by sensory-bite. It is comfortable for users to hold. Additionally, it promotes salivary functioning while simultaneously reducing drooling. 

  4. Oro-Tube:  The "Oral Tactile Treatment" method used by Oro-Tubes starts and shuts the jaw to generate an action for eating and speaking while also bolstering the muscle's developed biting function.

  5. V-Pen: It has been used by speech therapists to enhance oral motor skills, minimize drooling, soothe, relax, focus and self-organize, as well as to offer oral stimulation and tactile signals, reduce oral aversions and normalize oral sensitivities.

  6. Speech Tools: Speech and language assessment tool are made for speech instruments, including tongue-steer and tongue-lateralization tools, which provide auditory input to help individuals with sensory processing disorders regulate their responses to sound.


When selecting Sensory Integration Therapy tools special kit, it's essential to consider the individual needs and preferences of the person receiving therapy. Consult a licensed occupational therapist for advice on which SIT tools would most benefit your situation.

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