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Sucking Tube

Sucking Tube

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Sucking tube is a revolutionary device for eating and speech issues. Sucking tube is designed for a progressive resistance program. Children learn various stages of sucking, which strengthens their oral muscles systematically and thus helps in swallowing and speech.

1. Sucking Tube for Eating & Speech issues.
2. Sucking tube is one of a tool for Oral Sensory Integration Therapy.
3. Sucking is vegetative functions of the mouth. It’s essential to swallow the food. It strengthens the oral
musculature and thus helps in speech production.
4. The child does sucking before sucking. Sucking Tube is a trainer for the child to learn various difficulty levels of
sucking. It helps in the gyming of the oral muscles.
5. We have designed sucking tube for the progressive resistance program.
6. The sucking tube is made of food-grade polymers. This tube can be cleaned and sterilized.
7. Use the tube cleaner provided with the kit to clean the suckling tube. It can be boiled at 70 degree for 10 minutes
to sterilize the sucking tube.
8. It is meant for the individual use.
9. Choking Hazard, adult supervision is required at all time.
10. It’s not a toy.
11. For the children above 3 years.
12. Crack proof & Transparent.
13. New generation device for sucking practice for the children & stroke patient.
14. Newly Designed sucking tube offers better latch and proper holding in the mouth.


Warning: Sucking tube is not a toy. Choking hazard, adult supervision is required at all times. For the children above 3 years. It is meant for individual use.



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