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How Sensory Bristle Helps in Bobath Approach?

From: Fight Fright Flight
To: Fight Fit & Flight

BOBATH Approach for sensory defensiveness & sensory integration in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

The Bobath approach, also known as neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT), is a widely used concept in the rehabilitation of stroke patients with hemiparesis in many countries. This technique is being used for years all over the world.

Berta Bobath (Physiotherapist) & Karel Bobath (Neuropsychiatrist) invented Bobath Approach in 1948.

Bobath Approach was also used then in Cerebral Palsy.

Sensory Defensiveness is the measure issue in SPD ADHD & AUTISM.

Sensory defensiveness refers to a “flight or fight” response to a stimulus. Children with this condition react excessively to sensory input and respond by showing negative emotions or behaviours. It indicates a low neurological threshold–it takes very little for the brain to respond to sensory information. For example, a child may be lightly touched while standing in a line with peers and may respond by acting out aggressively.

A newborn learns through reflexes and senses. Infants learn through sensory organs & imitation. They imitate, seek responses and keep on preserving experiences in the subconscious mind. In these two stages of learning intense attention and focus are needed. For intense attention, strong stability is required. A stable body fosters a stable brain. In the case of sensory defensiveness, a child is not able to concentrate and it breaks the process of learning and evolvement. It also affects the body tone and body movements.

We have been using Deep Massage through Oil, lukewarm by flame for centuries. There were specialists who used to perform this old-age technique on newborns. It not only makes the muscles and nerves strong but also balances the over and under-responses of the nerves. Gradually this treasure of deep massage is diminishing due to a lack of expertise, and time and also due to ethical issues.


SpeechGears is now bringing our old age technique to a new avatar through brushing protocol in BOBATH Approach which can be done by our new product.


We have researched and designed Sensory-Bristle which helps in Sensory Defensiveness & Sensory Integration.

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